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Trusted Travelling Snacks: Edible Essentials for the Entrepreneur on the Go

Trusted Travelling Snacks: Edible Essentials for the Entrepreneur on the Go

Travelling for leisure can be stressful, but travelling for business can be even more so.

Planning your commute, double checking your belongings, and navigating the airport itself is enough to leave anyone exhausted by the time they find their seat on the plane. Whether you’re flying to another state, another country, or even another continent, you need to use this time to recharge, as you’ll have to endure all that hassle again once you land. Settling in with a good book and some soothing music can allow your mind to unwind, but your body needs nourishment after everything you’ve put it through.

It’s very easy to grab a cheap and convenient snack while in the airport itself, vending machines have all sorts of chips and candy to choose from, but that sort of short-term gain can lead to long-term loss where your health is concerned. Those sorts of snacks may be a tasty treat in the moment, but they offer little to no nutritional value, and may end up having detrimental effects on your overall wellbeing over time.

You wouldn’t invest in subpar tools or materials when it comes to your business ventures, so you shouldn’t settle for unhealthy snacks when travelling, especially not when healthier and heartier options are widely available, easily affordable, and most of all, thoroughly enjoyable!

My favorite travelling snacks are granola bars, I take some with me every time I fly. Not only are there a vast array of brands with a broad range of flavors to choose from, but you can even make your own as well. Whether you want something chewy or crunchy, whether you’re craving smooth chocolate or sweet fruit, there’s a granola bar out there that’s just perfect for satisfying your appetite.

Granola bars are especially useful if your flight is particularly long, as their long shelf life means they won’t expire any time soon. However, if you’re taking a shorter flight, why not indulge in a fresher snack like a fruit or vegetable? Allot yourself some time in your travel preparations to slice up something crisp and delicious right before you head to the airport, then seal it in a bag or container that’ll keep your treat fresh until you open it up after takeoff. I’m rather fond of things like apples, cucumbers, or carrots, as they offer a satisfying crunch and juicy flavor all at the same time.


Granted, I’ve already established how travel plans are chaotic by nature, and even the most meticulously scheduled itineraries can be completely offset by early departures or other such unexpected changes. In cases like these, you may find yourself unable to grab that snack you’d been planning on, and may even be unable to stop by one of those vending machines I was talking about earlier. Moments like these are nothing short of miserable, and while it won’t solve your problem, having a pack of gum on hand can bring some solace. If nothing else, fruity or minty flavors can give you a brief respite from your misfortune while also freshening your breath, which can be a lifesaver when you have an important meeting to attend and nowhere near enough time to brush your teeth beforehand.

Speaking of hygiene, the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the safety of travelling for work, which had plenty of risks to begin with. I’d already made it a point to carry these sanitation supplies with me wherever I went, but now more than ever, I cannot stress enough how vital it is that you bring hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes wherever you go. Additionally, things like eye drops and make up removing pads can go a long way toward preserving both your physical appearance and your personal health, as will packing a spare change of clothes with comfortable footwear to go with it.

I know, I know, carting around all these supplies alongside whatever tools or material you’re bringing for work (the very reason you’re travelling in the first place) may sound excessive, but I promise you: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Considering there is no cure for what’s going around right now, that ounce of prevention is an investment you really can’t afford to pass up.


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